The purpose of this website is to hopefully be reunited with my long lost Shelby by using the world wide web and it's associated technology of search engines. It was a red, 4-sp, fastback with black interior VIN #8T02J188435-02799, refer to page 434 of the 1987 edition of the Shelby American World Registry. One very distinguishable feature was that the owner who purchased it new had tow bars welded onto the front with three holes drilled for tie down when he would take it to the track. Also the engine compartment had quite a bit of chrome dressup. I owned it from 1986-1998 selling it to a friend here in East Tennessean located in the Tri-Cities area (Bristol-Kingsport-Johnson City). He kept it for about a year and a half and sold it to someone in Kansas or Missouri ('99 or '00) that he had met at a car show in Atlanta around that same time. He has misplaced the bill of sale of the new owner so at this point I am at a dead end. One other tidbit to the sale of the vehicle to the new owner is that he and his wife took out a second mortgage to finance the purchase. I have checked with Vincent keeper of the 1967-1968 Shelby database for SAAC to see what he has on it and he has informed me that it is not registered in the current edition of the World Registry and according to his records I am still shown as the last owner. I would appreciate anyone with knowledge of the current owner and or whereabouts of this car to contact me at: [tensguru@gmail.com].